about me

Rahul Pandita is the author of “Our Moon Has Blood Clots“, a memoir on how Kashmiri Pandits became victims of a brutal ethnic cleansing at the hands of Islamist militants in the valley of Kashmir in 1990 (Random House India, 2013). It was shortlisted for The Crossword Book Award, 2013. He has also authored the best-selling “Hello, Bastar: The Untold Story of India’s Maoist Movement” (Westland/Tranquebar Press, 2011), and co-authored the critically-acclaimed “The Absent State” (Hachette India, 2010). He has extensively reported from war zones that include Iraq and Sri Lanka. In the last few years, most of his work has been focussed on India’s Maoist rebellion, in Central and East India. In 2010, he received the International Red Cross award for conflict reporting.

Rahul was born in Kashmir valley in a hospital named after a 14th century saint poetess. At the age of 14, in 1990, his family was forced into exile, like thousands of others, by Islamic extremists. He lives in a Delhi suburb now.

A journalist by profession, Rahul works as Editor (Opinion and Special Stories) with India’s most trusted newspaper, The Hindu.